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Junkie (2018)
Genre: Crime / Drama / New Movie / Action
Year: 2018
Country: USA
Time: 1h 51min
Director:Tim Russ
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In a small town overrun by rampant drug use. The local Sheriff Daniel Corbin works overtime trying to clean up the town as June Taylor works overtime turning tricks in dark alleyways to pay for her dope. She has been sinking deeper into her addiction over the years, as her brother Xander and close friend Tabitha try tirelessly to intervene. A fed up Xander decides to confront June's dealer and shortly afterwards Xander disappears. His disappearance becomes the catalyst for June to set the needle aside, detox from the drugs, pick up a gun and take on a new mission in life. Her mission: to find her brother and take down any of the cartel members who stand in the way. The local Sheriff tries to keep June out of harm's way by helping her find Xander but June and Tabitha ignore his warnings and begin searching for Xander on their own. In the process of their searching, they discover that something fishy is going on at the pharmacy. They enlist the help of a small-time local burglar to help... Written by Jason F

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