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Megalopolis (2024)
Genre: Drama / Sci-fi / New Movie
Year: 2024
Country: United States
Time: 2h 18m
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Megalopolis is a sprawling epic directed by legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola. Set in a futuristic metropolis where technology and humanity have merged in unexpected ways, the film follows the story of a visionary architect who dreams of creating the perfect city.
As the architect's ambitious project takes shape, he must navigate a landscape of political intrigue, corporate power struggles, and personal conflicts. Along the way, he grapples with the moral implications of his creations and the price of achieving his grand vision.
Featuring stunning visuals, intricate world-building, and a thought-provoking exploration of urban life, Megalopolis is a bold and visionary work that pushes the boundaries of cinema. With Coppola at the helm, audiences can expect a film that is both intellectually stimulating and emotionally resonant, promising to be a cinematic experience like no other.

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