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Janet Planet (2024)
Genre: Drama / New Movie
Year: 2024
Country: United States
Time: 1h 53m
Director:Annie Baker
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Janet Planet is a captivating film directed by the talented Annie Baker. The movie follows the story of Janet, a shy and introverted young woman who is obsessed with outer space and dreams of one day traveling to other planets.
Janet spends her days working at a local observatory, where she immerses herself in the wonders of the universe. However, her passion for astronomy is overshadowed by her struggles to connect with the people around her, including her distant family and a group of fellow astronomers who seem more interested in their research than in forming meaningful relationships.
As Janet's obsession with outer space grows, she becomes increasingly isolated from the real world. But when a mysterious new telescope is installed at the observatory, Janet's fascination with the cosmos takes a dark turn, leading her on a journey of self-discovery and existential crisis.
Annie Baker's subtle and thought-provoking direction brings Janet's inner turmoil to life, creating a haunting and poignant portrait of a young woman grappling with her place in the universe. With its stunning visuals and powerful performances, Janet Planet is a must-see film that will leave audiences pondering the mysteries of the cosmos long after the credits roll.

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