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Journey to Miyakojima (2018)
Genre: Comedy / Drama / New Movie
Year: 2018
Country: Japan, USA
Time: 1h 30min
Director:Slony Sow
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A teenager, Bridget, has been detained in the clinic facility to treat her anorexia. Her figure, however, shows that the treatment is not helping her illness. Her grandma, Colleen, wealthy woman owning professional basketball team, arranges releasing her secretly to Bridget's mother. Bridget knew the story about once a star player in Colleen's team, who traveled to the Japanese island, Kumejima, when he addicted to the drug and returned with mentally and physically sound. And Bridget made her decision to take her last chance to change herself and be released from the pain and anguish in her heart by traveling to Kumejima. Bridget's mother, Abril, lost her beloved husband in tragic accident a few years ago, has been suffering from immeasurable grief and despair. Lost her hope to live, she started drowning in drug and alcohol to escape from the pain, and her relation with Bridget had changed, and the rift between them became crucial and it hasn't restored since. Colleen convinced Abril ..

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