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Easy Money (2018)
Genre: Drama / New Movie
Year: 2018
Country: USA
Time: 1h 25min
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In this dark comedy, Tyler Mason, a sensitive dreamer and hopeless romantic, grips tightly to his confidence as an artist, while fighting his insecurity in life. His roommate Charlie, a deeply indebted gambler, drags Tyler into a money counterfeiting scheme, and what is seemingly Charlie's only way out. Kate, an overworked and emotionally drained caretaker of her dying mother, accompanies the team as they embark on a riotous journey of unexpected danger and unwanted consequences. They soon discover that building their empire was the easy part, and forging their futures was only the beginning. When the only possible escape is the assistance of untrustworthy underworld characters, what was once a shortcut to freedom has collapsed into their inevitable destruction

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