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Hugo (2018)
Genre: Family / New Movie / Animation
Year: 2018
Country: Denmark, Finland
Time: 1h 30min
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Hugo, having quit his TV show some time ago, is now a janitor in a smart hotel and lives with his human daughter, Squeaky, in the dark basement of the building. To Squeaky, this world is an adventure playground and Troll or not, Hugo is her dad and he's the best dad in the world.

After Hugo causes mayhem with a stunt at the hotel and further disaster with the Mayor at the town hall(all watched on TV by the locals) Hugo becomes the focus of unwanted attention from Ratchet from Social Services, who threatens to take Squeaky into care and away from him forever if he doesn't clean up his act and repay all the damages his little escapades have created. A janitor's salary wont cover it. What can he do?!

Hope comes in the unlikely form of game show producer Simone who recognises Hugo from his disasters on the TV news. Simone has one vacancy on her new show and Hugo is the perfect, gullible Troll she has been searching for.

TV calls again and the prize money would repay his debts and get Squeaky..

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