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Teefa in Trouble (2018)
Genre: Comedy / Crime / New Movie / Action
Year: 2018
Country: Pakistan
Time: 2h 35min
Director:Ahsan Rahim
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What does one do when your Polish gangster friend Bonzo refuses a marriage proposal for his only daughter Anya, from Teefa, Butt's son, his very own gangster best friend from Pakistan. Well, if you're Butt, you call Teefa--the ace enforcer, collector, and the lovable rogue, trouble is his middle name--and you say money no problem, bring her to Lahore. From the by-lanes of Lahore to the super highways of Warsaw, Teefa discovers how the other half lives the life he'd always dreamed of. Only this time, Teefa and Anya seem to be seeing the same dream--and there's a price for every dream. With Bonzo's bullies, and the police on one side and Butt's bullies and well, more bullies on the other, Teefa is in serious trouble this time, but this time, he's in trouble for the right reason. Where there's Teefa there's Trouble.

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