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I'm Your Woman (2020)
Genre: Crime / Drama / New Movie
Year: 2020
Country: USA
Time: 2h
Director:Julia Hart
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I'm Your Woman is a 2020 American neo-noir crime film directed by Julia Hart from a screenplay by Hart and Jordan Horowitz. It stars Rachel Brosnahan, Arinzé Kene, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Bill Heck, Frankie Faison, Marceline Hugot and James McMenamin.

Brosnahan plays Jean, a woman on the run after her husband mysteriously goes missing.

The film's world premiere occurred at AFI Fest on October 15, 2020. It was given a limited release on December 4, 2020, followed by a December 11 release on Prime Video by Amazon Studios. The film received generally positive reviews, with praise for Brosnahan's performance and Hart's direction.

Jean is a housewife married to Eddie, a criminal. The couple are unable to have or adopt children. One day, Eddie mysteriously procures a baby boy for Jean to raise. Shortly after Jean is awakened in the night by one of Eddie's business partners who instructs Jean to go on the run, handing her over to Cal, who he promises will help her. Jean learns from Cal that Eddie has gone missing and that everyone is looking for him. Cal relocates Jean and her baby, Harry, to a new house.

Jean struggles with loneliness in the new house and is befriended by her neighbour, Evelyn. After a late-night walk with Harry, Jean realizes her home has been broken into and calls a number Cal gave her before escaping to Evelyn's house. There she discovers some of Eddie's former associates, who are armed and looking for him. They have gagged Evelyn and tied her to a chair. Cal arrives and rescues Jean and Harry, killing everyone else including Evelyn, as he doesn't want to leave any witnesses.

Cal relocates Jean and Harry to a remote cabin. He reveals to her that Eddie was part of a crime syndicate and murdered his boss, plunging the city into gang warfare as different factions struggle for control. Jean is eventually joined by Teri, Cal's wife, their son Paul, and Cal's father, Art. Jean eventually pieces together that Teri was formerly married to Eddie. Realizing that Cal may be in trouble, Jean decides to join Teri in returning to the city to aid her.

To get word to Cal that they are in the city, the two women go to a nightclub, where Jean gets lost during a shootout but learns more about Teri and Eddie's past life. She learns that Paul is actually Eddie's son and that Teri and Cal had been living normal lives outside the syndicate until called upon to take care of Jean.

Jean finds her way to a safehouse where she is reunited with Teri and later Cal, who informs her that Eddie is dead. The trio attempt to leave the city but before they can they are stopped by Eddie's rival, Mike, who crashes into their car and abducts Jean. Not believing that Eddie is dead, Mike threatens Jean but is shot by her instead, with a pistol previously given to her by Teri. She returns to the scene of the accident and rescues Teri and Cal. They return to the cabin to find Mike's men and Art dead in a shootout. However Paul and Harry are still alive and after reuniting with their children the two families drive off together.

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