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Don't Listen (2020)
Genre: Drama / Horror / Thriller / New Movie
Year: 2020
Country: Spain
Time: 1h 37min
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As horrors go Don't Listen (2020) isn't a terrible film, its only let down is it's a well known story (i.e. an old house with death and evil).

So the good and the bad:

It does what it should do, it's scary.
Personally, I thought the setting and the way it was filmed (i.e. colour and hue) were ideal for the movie.
The film is predictable in that it is set in an old house etc. but even then I was still caught out at the 'jump' moments
There is always a twist at the end of a movie like this, and sure enough Don't Listen (2020) doesn't avoid this. Again, personally I thought it was ok
I can't speak for the other languages, but for dubbing, the English version was good

Overall, it's engaging, at times scary and a good movie.
Recommended for people who enjoy the 'old house' horror.

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