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All the Bright Places (2020)
Genre: Drama / Romance / New Movie
Year: 2020
Country: USA
Time: 1h 47min
Director:Brett Haley
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All the Bright Places is a 2020 American teen romantic drama film, directed by Brett Haley, from a screenplay by Jennifer Niven and Liz Hannah, based upon the novel of the same name by Niven. It stars Elle Fanning, Justice Smith, Alexandra Shipp, Kelli O'Hara, Lamar Johnson, Virginia Gardner, Felix Mallard, Sofia Hasmik, Keegan-Michael Key and Luke Wilson.

It was released on February 28, 2020, by Netflix.

Violet Markey and Theodore Finch both attend Bartlett High School in Bartlett, Indiana. Violet is reeling from the death of her sister, Eleanor, and suffers from Survivor Guilt, and while Finch’s condition is never explicitly stated, it is assumed that he goes from undiagnosed Bipolar Disorder. Finch and Violet meet when, on a run, Finch finds Violet standing on the edge of a bridge. He talks her down, becoming intrigued by Violet and researching her when he arrives home. He finds that her sister died in a car accident, and, later, that the accident was on the bridge he found her on. At school, the teens are assigned a project where they must find the best places in Indiana, and Finch is adamant on getting Violet to be his partner. Though Violet at first refuses and attempts to get out of the project, she eventually gives in and they visit many different places such as the highest point in Indiana, homemade roller coasters, a large swimming hole, and more. As the film progresses, Violet begins to heal from her Survivor’s guilt, but Finch begins to deteriorate significantly. He begins to disappear for more often and for longer, and what he calls ‘dark moods’ become more common, and we learn that his mother is absent in his life and his father beat him and his sister, Kate in his younger years. When called a freak by a boy at school, he snaps and the two get in a fight. Finch leaves, with Violet extremely worried. She talks to her dad, who says “You two have been to a lot of places. Is there one he would go?”, which sparks her to drive to the blue hole. She sees Finch’s clothes on the ledge and infers his death, despite not seeing a body. Although the causation behind Finch’s death was left up to interpretation, the vagueness was meant to inspire an important talk about teen mental health. Finch is grieved by family and friends, and the film ends with Violet swimming in the blue hole.

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