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The Claus Family (2020)
Genre: Family / Fantasy / New Movie
Year: 2020
Country: Belgium
Time: 1h 36min
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The Claus Family (Dutch: De Familie Claus) is a 2020 Dutch-Belgian film directed by Matthias Temmermans, written by Matthias Temmermans and Ruben Vandenborre and starring Jan Decleir, Mo Bakker and Stefaan Degand.
Suzanne moves with her children Jules and Noor from The Netherlands to Belgium as she found work in a Belgian biscuit factory. During her work hours, Noël - her father in law - takes care of the children. By coincidence Jules finds in his grandfathers possessions a magical bulb which can transfer him to any place in the world. He also discovers his grandfather is the real Santa Claus. Noël has a secret working place at some snowy place where he gets help from some elves. Noël gets health issues and is no longer able to deliver the Christmas presents over the world so Jules is forced to help him. However, Jules hates Christmas as his father died the previous year on Christmas eve and is not eager to help. This gets worse after he finds out Santa Claus does not life forever and all eldest sons in his family tree are ought to take over to role of Santa Claus once the predecessor dies or got too old. At same time, the biscuit factory is about to go bankrupt as management does not want to invest in new tastes.

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