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2067 (2020)
Genre: Sci-fi / New Movie
Year: 2020
Country: Australia
Time: 1h 54min
Director:Seth Larney
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2067 is a 2020 Australian science fiction film directed by Seth Larney and starring Kodi Smit-McPhee and Ryan Kwanten.
In the year 2067, Earth has been devastated by climate change. With all plant life on Earth extinct, civilization has collapsed around the globe; only one city in Australia has been barely able to hold out against these catastrophic changes, thanks to synthetic oxygen produced by the Chronicorp corporation. However, this oxygen is tainted and gradually causes a deadly affliction known as The Sickness.

Ethan Whyte, a tunnel worker for the city's power plant, is faced with the harsh fact that his wife Xanthe is afflicted with the Sickness. One day, Ethan is called before Regina Jackson, a Chronicorp research CTO, who explains that the Sickness will eventually wipe out humanity. During a test of the Chronicle, a prototype time machine Ethan's late father, quantum physicist Richard Whyte, had worked on before his death twenty years prior, the scientists received a radio signal from 407 years in the future with a message to specifically send Ethan to them to prevent the extinction of mankind. Despite the chance that Ethan might never be able to return, and his resentment against his father for apparently prioritizing his work over his own son, Xanthe and his guardian and work colleague Jude manage to change his mind.

After surviving the traumatic time displacement, Ethan finds himself in a lush but lifeless rainforest, with only a device permanently fitted to his wrist by his father during his childhood and a hand computer named Archie as his only surviving pieces of equipment. Following Archie's instructions, he finds the entrance to a bunker-like structure, and before it, a skeleton wearing his jumpsuit and with a bullet hole in its skull, as well as a decaying Archie and the familiar wrist device.

Shocked by the discovery of his apparently inexorable death in the near future, and sick from eating poisonous berries, Ethan finds himself rescued by Jude, who followed him through time after his life readings, transmitted through the Chronicle, were failing. After sharing their findings, they follow Archie's directions to another, still-functional bunker, which is revealed to be a Chronicle lab. It is there that Ethan's wrist device is revealed to be a DNA analyzer specifically made to grant him access to the Chronicle, which sets itself for automatic reactivation in four hours.

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