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A Nice Girl Like You (2020)
Genre: Comedy / Romance / New Movie
Year: 2020
Country: USA
Time: 1h 34min
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A Nice Girl Like You is a 2020 American romantic comedy film directed by the Brothers Riedell (Chris and Nick Riedell), from a screenplay by Andrea Marcellus, based on the 2007 memoir Pornology by Ayn Carrillo Gailey. The film stars Lucy Hale and Leonidas Gulaptis.

The film was released video on demand on July 17, 2020, by Vertical Entertainment.

Lucy Neal disappoints her boyfriend Jeff, with her lack of intimacy. While he is asleep, Lucy looks at Jeff’s laptop and finds that he is a porn addict. They have an argument over this and they break up, with Jeff moving out of the apartment.

Lucy, with her group of four violinists, Nessa, Priscilla, and Paul, perform at a wedding, but she breaks down in the middle of it and tells them that Jeff left her because she won’t satisfy him. After some comforting and encouragement from the three, Lucy decides to make a sex list of things to improve her intimacy problems.

Lucy is at a wedding where she gets drunk and begins to yell by herself in frustration to not being able to use word cock in a sentence. She is overheard by a wedding guest, Grant. He comes in to comfort her and helps her get back outside after some friendly chatting.

Lucy starts off with her list by watching a lot of porn at home first and also reads a very racy novel. The next morning, Nessa and Priscilla come over to help Lucy get over Jeff, but she instead invites them to go to a sex store. Lucy meets Grant there. They chat some more and Lucy finds herself attracted to the man.

Same night, Lucy joins Paul at a strip club he visits regularly. She finds herself impressed by the dancing onstage, but when she sees that all she has is a $20 bill for a tip, Lucy awkwardly tries to take change from the dancer, which gets her and Paul kicked out.

Lucy attends an event with her group to perform. She meets Grant there and he asks Lucy to dance. Later, Grant asks her out to dinner which she accepts. Lucy goes on her dinner date with Grant, and they later attend a live taping for talk show host Dr. Becker since Priscilla gave Lucy tickets. Dr. Becker’s guest is sex expert Madame Swarovska, who brings Lucy up to speak with her. She senses the lack of sexual experience in her and basically encourages Grant to show her a good time.

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