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Mortal (2020)
Genre: Comedy / Drama / New Movie / Action
Year: 2020
Country: Norway, USA, UK
Time: 1h 44min
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Mortal (Norwegian: Torden) is a 2020 English-language Norwegian fantasy action film co-written and directed by André Øvredal. The film is inspired by Norse mythology, and stars Nat Wolff. The film was released on February 28, 2020 in Norway and is distributed by Saban Films. It is supported by a grant from the Government of Norway. The film's dialogue is in English and Norwegian and most of the actors are Norwegian, with the exception of Wolff. The film's original music by Marcus Paus was nominated for the Amanda Award and as the Norwegian nominee for the Nordic Film Music Days – HARPA Award.
Somewhere in the Norwegian wilderness Eric (Nat Wolff) awakes from a nightmare that caused the trees outside his hobo tent to burn. He examines his wounds and heads toward town where he breaks into a clinic for medicine and candy. He treats himself in a gas station bathroom, while walking down a road a group of teens harass Eric to which he kills one with his 'powers' by simply saying "if you touch me you will burn" Eric is later picked up at a bus stop by local police.

Christine (Iben Arkelie), a young psychologist is asked by the local police to speak with Eric, where she learns he is an American-Norwegian who is also a suspect in an unsolved fire which took the lives of 5 people 3 years ago. Since the fire Eric has been backpacking looking for family. She convinces him to sit at the table and confirms he has many generations of Norwegian ancestry. Christine to have his handcuffs removed for comfort and trust, Christine also confirms that everyone in the fire were relatives of Eric. Eric admits to killing his relatives and Ole, as he speaks Christine's hair starts to become statically charged and Eric pulls water up from her glass, he becomes agitated and his powers unleash which cause the building to start catching electrical fires, Christine determines his emotions control his powers and quickly counsels him on how to focus to control his power.

The U.S. Embassy arrive to take Eric to America, he refuses to speak to anyone other than Christine and demands to sedate himself to fly in a helicopter. The sedation medication quickly wears off and midflight he starts to panic from being tied up, a thunderstorm causes the helicopter to crash into the sea, he realizes he can breath water and burns his restraints away and saves one American agent and drags her to shore.

Eric finds Christine and she takes him to her friends cabin, at the cabin Eric explains that the fire was caused him bursting into flames. He finally rest Christine notices the plants are growing rapidly around him. Back at the hospital the American agent confirms with local police he controls weather.

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