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The Eight Hundred (2020)
Genre: Drama / History / New Movie / Action
Year: 2020
Country: China
Time: 2h 29min
Director:Hu Guan
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The Eight Hundred (Chinese: 八佰) is a 2020 Chinese historical war drama film directed by and co-written by Guan Hu, and starring Huang Zhizhong, Oho Ou, Jiang Wu, Zhang Yi, Wang Qianyuan, Du Chun, Vision Wei, Li Chen, Yu Haoming, Tang Yixin, and Zheng Kai. The film is about the Defense of Sihang Warehouse in 1937 Shanghai during the Battle of Shanghai and the Second Sino-Japanese War.

Originally scheduled to be released in July 2019, the film's premiere and release was cancelled, before being moved to August 21, 2020 nationwide release. The film became a critical and commercial success upon its release, grossing $473 million worldwide. It became the highest-grossing film of 2020. This marks the first time since 2007 that the top-grossing film of a given year has earned less than $1 billion.

During the early days of the Second Sino-Japanese War, and on a greater scale World War II, the Imperial Japanese Army invaded Shanghai, which became known as The Battle of Shanghai. After holding back the Japanese for over 3 months, and suffering heavy losses, the Chinese army was forced to retreat due to the danger of being encircled. Lieutenant Colonel Xie Jinyuan of the 524th Regiment of the under-equipped 88th Division of the National Revolutionary Army, leads 452 young officers and soldiers to defend Sihang Warehouse against the 3rd Imperial Japanese Division consisting of around 20,000 troops on a heroic suicidal last stand against the Japanese under an order by Generalissimo of Nationalist China, Chiang Kai-shek. The decision was made to provide a morale boost to the Chinese people after the losses of Beijing and Shanghai, and help spur support from the Allies, who were in full view of the battle from the International Settlement in Shanghai just across from the Suzhou Creek.

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