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Long Weekend (2021)
Genre: Comedy / Romance / New Movie
Year: 2021
Country: USA
Time: 1h 31min
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Bart is down on his luck after he has to take a job at a medical office and move in to the garage at the house of his best friend Doug, who is married to Rachel and has two kids. He is broke after failing to make any money off of the novel he wrote and depressed from his girlfriend Whit breaking up with him, ignoring his psychiatrist's phone calls.

Bart goes to watch a movie and falls asleep drunk in the theater, awaking to a random girl named Vienna telling him the movie is over. They start talking and hit it off right away, going on a date at a bar and then having sex at Vienna's motel room. Bart and Vienna soon start to connect over their mothers both having cancer, but Bart's mom had passed years ago yet he was inspired by her to write his novel after she grew more concerned about her happiness in her last few months.

Bart confronts Vienna about her oddities and she either tries to change the subject or gives vague answers, such as she works for the government. They go to Bart's old apartment, which is still in the process of being sold and moving in the new tenants, to discuss it in private. She reveals that she is from the future, working for a secret government branch that has discovered time travel in 2052 and using it to buy stocks that will be valuable at that time so she can cure her mom of cancer.

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