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Major Grom: Plague Doctor (2021)
Genre: New Movie / Adventure / Action
Year: 2021
Country: Russia
Time: 2h 16min
Director:Oleg Trofim
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St. Petersburg Police Major Igor Grom is chasing three bank robbers wearing hockey masks. He catches them, while causing significant property damage, and gets reprimanded by his superior, General Fedor Prokopenko.

Soon after, the trial of "rich boy" Kirill Grechkin begins; he is accused of fatally hitting a girl with his car. Despite the evidence against him, Grechkin is unexpectedly acquitted, and the brother of the deceased suspects the court of corruption. IT millionaire Sergei Razumovsky, founder of the social network Vmeste, and his friend Oleg Volkov, who grew up in the same orphanage as the deceased girl, are also outraged by the court's decision. At the same time, videos of the Plague Doctor appear on the internet—an avenger in a mask and a combat suit who promises to "cleanse" the city of scoundrels. The Doctor burns Kirill Grechkin to death in his car. After the murder, Oleg comes to Razumovsky and confesses that he was the Doctor. Razumovsky is dissatisfied, but hesitates to turn his friend in to the authorities.

Grom, who witnessed the murder, is trying to investigate it and find the Doctor, who is now considered by many to be a hero. FSB officer Evgeny Strelkov, who arrives from Moscow to capture the Doctor, removes the major from the case. Instead, Grom and his new trainee, Dima Dubin, are sent to deal with the theft of twelve refrigerators. However, contrary to their official assignment, the two continue to investigate the Doctor's case. In the meantime, Grom saves a girl from thugs, but she turns out to be journalist and blogger Yulia Pchelkina, who staged the attack in order to get close to the major and obtain information about the Plague Doctor case for her blog.

Meanwhile, the Doctor accumulates new victims: the head of a bank that defrauded depositors and the owner of a polluting landfill, along with the latter's entire family. Dubin puts forward the theory that the next appearance of the Doctor should be expected at the opening of a casino online FR where all of St. Petersburg "cream of society" will gather. Grom infiltrates the opening party, where he meets Pchelkina and Razumovsky. Instead of the real Doctor, however, only his followers appear, wanting to rob the rich. Sergei Razumovsky tries to prevent the violence and dissuade them with money, but a fight ensues, in which Grom and a number of FSB officers capture the bandits. Grom is subsequently forced to resign from the police by Strelkov.

Despite his dismissal, he continues his investigation and learns about Razumovsky's childhood in the orphanage, and that he used to draw birds that looked like the Doctor's mask. Back at the casino, Pchelkina had told the major about Razumovsky's contract with Holt International, a company engaged in high-tech weapon development. It was Holt International that created the Plague Doctor's costume and equipment. Grom directly accuses Razumovsky of being the Plague Doctor. Sergei suddenly realizes that the accusation is true: "Oleg" was his secondary personality (Grom points out that according to official documents, the real Oleg Volkov died in the war in Syria). His dark side takes over; he knocks Grom out with a blow to the head, puts the Doctor's suit on him, and tosses him near the site of his next murder. The police grab Grom, and Strelkov now believes that Igor is the Doctor.

Dubin and Pchelkina help Grom escape from custody and he goes on the hunt for the Doctor. Meanwhile, the vigilante publishes a new video: he calls on all his followers to fill the streets and lynch anyone they consider to be a villain. Spontaneous pogroms begin in the city. Razumovsky confesses to Igor that in this way, he wants to get rid of not only corrupt officials and rich people, but also his followers, whom he considers to be immoral imitators; in his opinion, the state will be forced to send troops and kill them, and Razumovsky will subsequently be able to create a "new Petersburg". A fight breaks out between Grom and Razumovsky, in which the Doctor almost wins, but Dubin and Pchelkina come to Grom's rescue. Razumovsky is neutralized, and Pchelkina reveals that she recorded his boasting speech, including his nefarious plans. Grom declares to the Doctor that he also sees problems in the country, but considers unacceptable to solve them by means of mass murder. The FSB claims all credit for the apprehension of the Plague Doctor, while Grom is content to spend time with his new friends.

In a mid-credits scene, Razumovsky is shown in a mental institution. His "dark side" speaks to him, telling him that "they" will soon be free. In a post-credits scene, Oleg Volkov is shown in a militant camp in Syria: it turns out that he is still alive, and he watches his friend Razumovsky's capture on television.

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