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The Yinyang Master (2021)
Genre: Drama / Fantasy / Romance / New Movie / Adventure / Action
Year: 2021
Country: China
Time: 1h 53min
Director:Weiran Li
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Seven years later, when the demon king threatens to return, he becomes embroiled in the robbery of Imperial tributes being delivered by Boya. He is also hunted by Bai Ni, head of the Yinyang Bureau, with whom he had a pact. Trapped in a fighting arena in the demon world, Qing Ming escapes with an injured Bai Ni, Boya and their friends. It is revealed that Qing Ming has been caring for and training a team of demons to fight against the Demon King’s return. Bai Ni is healed by Qing Ming and recovers the Scale Stone which had been inadvertently swallowed by one of Qing Ming’s demons. On her way back to the Bureau, Bai Ni is ambushed by Cimu and his henchwoman the Snow Lady, and the Scale Stone is stolen. Cimu is revealed to have coveted monster power since seeing Qing Ming demonstrate it when they were younger, and he makes the Snow Lady his familiar in order to hatch a plan to steal the Scale Stone. In the present time, Cimu uses the retrieved Scale Stone to turn himself into a powerful demon and uses his new power to start a demon invasion of the human world.

While Boya and Qing Ming’s demons defend the bridge between the two worlds, Cimu defeats Qing Ming, who has to make a bargain with the Demon King to obtain his powers. He defeats Cimu and releases his bond with Bai Ni, Boya and his demons, electing to leave them in the human world while he returns to the demon world.

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