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Fabian: Going to the Dogs (2021)
Genre: Drama / New Movie
Year: 2021
Country: Germany
Time: 2h 56min
Director:Dominik Graf
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In 1931, Jakob Fabian works as a copywriter for a cigarette company in Berlin. He aspires to become an author, while his hedonistic best friend, Stephan Labude, wishes to work in academia. The two often spend their evenings visiting brothels and clubs. Fabian holds a nihilistic view on love and life, having been traumatized by his experience as a soldier in World War I.

During one of his outings at an underground club, Fabian meets Cornelia, an aspiring film actress. He falls in love with her and they begin a romantic relationship; although she cares for Fabian, Cornelia shows some ambivalence about whether the relationship will last. Fabian, Cornelia and Labude begin to spend time together. At one point, they swim in a lake despite Fabian’s weak swimming skills. They also stay at Labude’s father’s countryside home, where Cornelia makes Fabian sign a contract stating that he will not impede her career no matter what.

In the midst of soaring unemployment and poverty in Germany, Fabian is laid off from his job. In contrast, Cornelia’s career begins to take off as she acquiesces to sexual advances from Makart, an older film producer. Fabian argues with Cornelia about her actions, though she promises that it will help “to make things work” for them. They express their love for one another, though she abruptly moves out of her lodging the next morning.

While his relationship with his fiancée crumbles, Labude submits a thesis to Berlin University, hoping that it will be accepted. He has an antagonistic relationship with Weckherlin, the chancellor’s assistant. With the Nazi Party on the rise and beginning to impede on German life, Labude is arrested for his support of communism and holding rallies for dockworkers. He is soon bailed out by his father.

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