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The War Below (2021)
Genre: Drama / History / War / New Movie
Year: 2021
Time: 1h 36min
Director:J.P. Watts
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This is the first movie I've seen that was focusing on this topic - digging a tunnel to the German trenches. Up to this point, I've only ever read about the sorts of daring actions these coal miners did in the trenches in WWI.

The production value was high. It really did manage to convey what life was like for the diggers in these trenches. But even so, I'm sure it was no where near representing how it was really like in real life. But it was done well in this movie. It's realism clearly exceeding the realism of any recent war movies - particularly when compared to movies like "Dunkirk" by Chris Nolan.

Other pluses from this movie... the acting was superb, the drama and atmosphere created with all the special effects and set designs, simply brilliant.

SUMMARY: Inspired by true events with the war serving as the backdrop The main story is the courage, sacrifices and contribution the coal miners did in WWI.

VERDICT: Recommended viewing - specially if you're a history/war buff.

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