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Buckley's Chance (2021)
Genre: Family / New Movie
Year: 2021
Country: Australia, Canada
Time: 1h 35min
Director:Tim Brown
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Buckley's Chance is a 2021 Australian film, directed by Tim Brown who also co-wrote the film with Willem Wennekers.

The film's cast includes Bill Nighy, Victoria Hill, Martin Sacks, Milan Burch, Julia Billington, Ben Wood, Kelton Pell and Anthony Gooley.

It was released to Australian cinemas on 24 June 2021, distributed by Transmission Films.

New Yorkers, 14-year-old Ridley (Burch) and his mother Gloria (Hill) travel to Australia to spend time with Gloria's estranged father-in-law Spencer (Nighy) on his remote Western Australian property "Buckley's Chance" (named after William Buckley), following the death of Gloria's firefighter husband in the United States.

Conflict arises between Ridley and his grandfather during Spencer's attempts at connecting with his grandson who always carries a camcorder, a gift from his late father. During a camping trip, Ridley storms off and comes across a wild dingo trapped in barbed wire fencing who he rescues.

Meanwhile, Spencer is being intimidated by three locals, Cooper, Mick and Oscar (Sacks, Wood and Gooley) in an attempt to get Spencer to sell "Buckley's Chance". One evening, Ridley stumbles on Mick and Oscar attempting to set fire to Spencer's hay shed and attempts to document this with his camera. Desperate to hide, Ridley jumps under the cover at the back of their ute but can't escape in time and ends up being transported to a location unknown to him. While escaping from Mick and Oscar, Ridley gets lost but is reunited with the dingo he rescued who he befriends as he attempts to find his way back to "Buckley's Chance" in the harsh conditions of the Australian outback.

Upon discovering Ridley missing, Spencer and his station manager Jewels (Pell) coordinate a search with the local emergency services.

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