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Clairevoyant (2021)
Genre: Comedy / Drama / New Movie
Year: 2021
Country: United States
Time: 1h 30min
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I'm a big fan of indie films, and I try to keep my eyes peeled for any up-and-coming talent. Boy did this movie deliver. It follows the wannabe protagonist, but more of an antagonist, Claire, as she tries to...."be happy all the time".

The actress, Micaela Wittman, carried the movie in a way that almost made me nostalgic. Many other bit players were so good it had me scratching my head wondering if this girl really just walked into a yoga studio and found a poor unfortunate soul to prey on.

The camera-work is jarring, in my opinion, intentionally so. De Larroche (who was an interactive character by also acting in the film, Earl) made it feel like an intimate home video that is held by your uncle who happens to have the best comedic timing of all time. This film may not be shot on the world's best camera or have fancy celebrities in it, but it was so much better.

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