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Vacation Friends (2021)
Genre: Comedy / New Movie / Adventure
Year: 2021
Country: United States
Time: 1h 43min
Director:Clay Tarver
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Months later, Marcus and Emily have their official wedding, hosted by Emily's parents, Harold and Suzanne. The two, especially Harold, don't approve of Marcus, partly because of an incident where Marcus punched Emily's brother Gabe. Harold entrusts Marcus with the rings for the wedding, which belonged to Emily's great grandparents. Before the wedding, Ron and Kyla show up. They reveal that they discovered the location of their wedding online and decided to travel there. Harold is initially furious at the intrusion but eventually, the two strike up a friendship. Kyla reveals that she is pregnant and the two say that Marcus is 'directly involved' in the pregnancy, making him believe that he is the baby's father. The next day, Ron speaks to Harold, convincing him to give Marcus a second chance. A grateful Marcus selects Ron to be his best man, and Ron convinces Marcus to entrust him with the rings.

The next day, the men go golfing, with Gabe and his friend. To Marcus's chagrin, Ron suggests they bet on the game. Halfway through the round, Ron reveals that he bankrolled the wagers by pawning the wedding rings. On the final hole, Ron makes a massive bet that he can hit the 18th green in a single stroke. Despite Ron initially looking at the wrong green, forcing him to make a 375-yard shot to win the bet, he miraculously sinks a hole in one to win the bet. After returning to the pawnshop to retrieve the rings, Ron accidentally causes Marcus to drop the rings in a sewer grate. Marcus chokes Ron in anger, who reveals that he was told by a doctor that he was sterile and that Kyla got pregnant 'because of Marcus'. At the rehearsal dinner, Kyla prepares to make a speech, where it seems like Kyla is going to announce that Marcus is the father of her child. Marcus interrupts, sharing the full story of what he believes happened in Mexico, only for Kyla to reveal that they only intend to name the baby after Marcus, and he is not the father. Marcus reveals to an angry Harold that the rings were lost and a fight ensues. Outside the wedding hall, Marcus and Emily angrily demand that Ron and Kyla leave.

Emily’s grandma, Phyllis delivers her a wedding gift from Kyla. The letter inside reveals that Ron had lost his previous best friend Charlie and that his relationship with her and Marcus has helped him to recover. The gift is the wedding rings, which Ron retrieved from the sewer. Emily and Marcus realize they made a mistake by sending Kyla and Ron away, eventually finding them. The four reunite, while Ron and Kyla reveal they are finally planning to marry, holding the same ceremony in Mexico where Marcus and Emily tied the knot, along with Marcus and Emily's family and friends joining.

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