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Lamb (2021)
Genre: Drama / Horror / Mystery / New Movie
Year: 2021
Country: Iceland, Sweden, Poland
Time: 1h 46min
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Lamb (Icelandic: Dýrið, "The animal") is a 2021 supernatural horror film directed by Valdimar Jóhannsson, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Sjón. The film stars Noomi Rapace, and marks Valdimar Jóhannsson's feature-length directorial debut. Rapace and Béla Tarr act as executive producers. After premiering at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, the film was released in Iceland on 24 September and in the United States on 8 October 2021 by A24.
In Iceland, a herd of horses are spooked by an unknown, loudly-breathing entity that makes its way to a barn. Later, farmer María and her husband Ingvar are shocked to learn one of their pregnant sheep has given birth to a human/sheep hybrid.

María grows to love the hybrid as her own child, takes it in as her own, and names it Ada after her stillborn child. Ada's biological mother starts to become a nuisance, attempting to contact Ada constantly and loitering outside the couple's home. Shortly after an incident where Ada goes missing and is later found next to the mother, María shoots Ada's mother and buries her body in a shallow, unmarked grave. Unbeknownst to her, Ingvar's brother Pétur, who arrives at the farmhouse shortly before the killing, witnesses the incident before sleeping in the barn.

Pétur, who constantly makes sexual advances towards María when she's alone, is very disturbed by Ada and maintains the belief that "it's an animal, not a child". Ingvar claims the whole situation has given them "happiness." Increasingly angered and disturbed by María and Ingvar's bizarre attachment to Ada, Pétur takes her on an early morning walk while everyone is asleep with the intention of shooting her. After having a tearful change of heart, however, he is later seen soundly sleeping with Ada and soon becomes an uncle-like figure towards her.

One evening, while María, Pétur, and Ingvar are having a drunken party, Ada witnesses the unknown entity from before near the barn. The entity then proceeds to kill the family's dog before taking the family's gun. After the party, a drunk Ingvar goes to bed. Pétur starts to make sexual advances towards María once again. When she rejects his advances, Pétur reveals that he witnessed María killing Ada's mother and tries to blackmail María into having sex with him by threatening to reveal this to Ada.

María retaliates by pretending to be seduced by Pétur, locking him in a closet, then playing the piano to drown out his cries. Having finally had enough of Pétur, María drives him to the bus stop the next morning and sends him home. After waking up to find María and Pétur missing, Ingvar takes Ada to fix the broken tractor, which had broken down earlier when Pétur was driving it. On their way back home, the entity, revealed to be a ram/man hybrid, emerges and shoots Ingvar in the neck, before taking a tearful Ada with it and walking away into the wilderness.

María returns home and finds that Ingvar and Ada are missing. She begins a wide search for the two. She later discovers Ingvar's corpse and grieves in despair for the loss of her husband and new child. The last scene is of María in shock wandering the wilderness, before facing the camera and closing her tear-filled eyes.

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