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The Smurfs Movie (2025)
Genre: Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Musical / New Movie / Animation / Adventure
Year: 2025
Time: 1h 30m
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"The Smurfs" is a live-action/animated comedy film directed by Chris Miller. The movie follows the adventures of the tiny blue creatures known as the Smurfs, who are chased out of their magical village by the evil wizard Gargamel. They end up in New York City, where they must find a way to get back to their world before Gargamel catches up with them.
As the Smurfs navigate their way through the big city, they befriend a kind couple who help them on their journey. Along the way, they must outsmart Gargamel and his mischievous cat Azrael, who are hot on their trail.
With a mix of CGI animation and live-action sequences, "The Smurfs" is a heartwarming and hilarious tale of friendship, courage, and the importance of sticking together in the face of adversity. Will the Smurfs find their way back home, or will Gargamel succeed in capturing them once and for all? Find out in this fun and exciting family film directed by Chris Miller.

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