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The Last Battleship (2025)
Genre: Horror / Sci-fi / New Movie
Year: 2025
Country: United States
Time: 1h 30m
Director:Brady Jacquin
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The Last Battleship is an action-packed film directed by Brady Jacquin. The movie tells the story of the final battleship in a fictional war that is on the verge of being decommissioned. As tensions rise and the threat of war looms closer, the crew must come together to defend their ship and country one last time.
The Last Battleship features intense battle scenes, heart-pounding moments of suspense, and emotional interactions between the crew members as they fight for survival. With the fate of the ship and their nation hanging in the balance, the crew must push themselves to their limits and beyond to emerge victorious in the ultimate battle.
As the last battleship standing, they must outwit and outmaneuver their enemies to secure a final victory. Will they be able to overcome the odds and emerge triumphant, or will this be the end of their ship and everything they hold dear? Find out in The Last Battleship.

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